Misto aniline leder - 8099 mostard


    Collection misto is an aniline leather, made from English bull hides. It radiates a very special effect because of its vacuum dried finish. Collection misto is a collection for the real leather-lover.

    Collection misto is available in 15 colours.

    Extra: warm and soft touch.


    Raw hides : English bulls
    Hide size average : 5,20 m2 (56sqft)
    Thickness : 1.0 - 1.2 mm
    Light fastness : 3 (DIN EN ISO 105-B02)
    Tear strenght : 30 (DIN 53329 A)

    Collection misto is a sound durable leather, to be treated with the recommended care products.

    In the collection Misto a slight colour difference with respect to the sample can't be avoided.

    Misto aniline leder - 8099 mostard