VanDen: Masters of Eco LXRY

    About VanDen Collection

    The VanDen Collection is the Dutch Eco Luxury Interior label.

    Traditional craftsmanship skills, the use of finest natural materials, continuous research: these are the values which have always distinguished the VanDen Collection creations.

    The pieces are classic whilst at the same time contemporary, and lend themselves to different types of living spaces.
 Every piece is unique and it can be personalised to measure your life. Like art, VanDen's center pieces create a ‘coming home’ feeling.

    For the production of his furniture, VanDen Collection only cooperates with the artisans of the VanDen Guild. A selected group of Dutch craftsmen, who are still familiar with the traditional production of furniture - that's our guarantee.




    "We're here to bring your dreams to life,

    so however unique you want your VanDen Piece to be,

    we're here to make it happen."

    - Jesse Nelson van den Broek, Head of Design - 



    Our bespoke service and custom designed pieces

    Every furniture piece, bespoke kitchens or car interior can be custom designed for you.

    Upon request, VanDen Collection creates bespoke solutions which turn your unique ideas and wishes into reality. At the same time, we ensure that we always meet our traditionally high standards of quality.

    You can create a unique piece of furniture with our 'Bespoke programme'